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William H. K. Pollock - A Chess Biography

500 Seiten, Bibliothekseinband, McFarland, 1. Auflage 2017

72,50 €
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During his first years in America, William Henry Krause Pollock participated in some of the most important American chess events of the 19th century. Pollock played matches against strong players like Charles Moehle, John L. McCutcheon, Jackson W. Showalter and Eugene Delmar. This biography analyzes in great detail Pollock's chess play, as well as his career and life in England, Ireland and America. His American years unveil even more about the American chess landscape during the first half of 1890s, one of the most interesting periods in American chess history. Offered here are an unprecedented collection of annotated games played by Pollock (around 500), historical photographs and line drawings. Sources include historical chess journals and magazines with chess columns from America, the United Kingdom and Canada.

About the Authors:

Olimpiu G. Urcan

is a Singapore-based chess historian. He contributes regularly to Edward Winter’s Chess Notes and is the author of several chess biographies published by McFarland.

John S. Hilbert is the author of over a dozen books and more than 100 articles on chess history. He lives in Buffalo, New York. William H.K. Pollock is his fifth McFarland title.

Weitere Informationen
Gewicht 1,08 kg
Hersteller McFarland
Breite 18,8 cm
Höhe 26 cm
Medium Buch
Erscheinungsjahr 2017
Autor Olimpiu G. UrcanJohn S. Hilbert
Sprache Englisch
Auflage 1
ISBN-13 978-0786458684
Seiten 500
Einband Bibliothekseinband

001 Preface and Acknowledgments

003 Abbreviations and Annotation Symbols

005 Part One: Life and Chess Career (1859-1896)

007 1. The Irish Connection, 1859-1881

012 2. Early Chess Play, 1882-1885

032 3. In England and Ireland, 1886-1888

048 4. Two Months in New York, March 25-May 25, 1889

075 5. A Baltimore Man, June 1889-May 1890

091 6. Going West, May 1890-June 1891

102 7. Six Days in Skaneateles, July 20-25, 1891

117 8. In Bluegrass Country, August-December 1891

125 9. With the Holy Trinity: Chigorin, Steinitz and Lasker, January-December 1892

137 10. Moving Up North, January-August 1893

148 11. An Impromptu Misadventure, September-October 1893

159 12. In Montreal, May 1894-July 1895

177 13. At Hastings, July 1895-February 1896

191 14. Towards an Early Endgame, March-October 1896

203 Part Two (1882-1896): Games 1-518

205 Section I (January 1882-October 1885)

239 Section II (January 1886-March 7, 1889)

313 Section III (March 25-May 1889)

337 Section IV (May 31, 1889-March 1890)

347 Section V (May 1890-April 1891)

361 Section VI (July 1891)

369 Section VII (August-December 1891)

381 Section VIII (January-December 1892)

388 Section IX (January-August 1893)

401 Section X (October 1893)

408 Section XI (May 1894-July 1895)

426 Section XII (August 1895-September 2, 1895)

442 Section XIII (September 18, 1895-May 1896)

447 Part Three: Appendices, Bibliography, Indices

449 Appendix A. Pollock and the 1890s American Chess Clubs

455 Appendix B. Pollock Obituaries

462 Appendix C. Pollock Memories: Inception and Reception

466 Appendix D. A Pollock Essay on Time Limits

467 Appendix E. A Question of Originality

468 Appendix F. Pollock’s Chess Problems

470 Appendix G. Pollock’s Review of Steinitz

471 Appendix H. Reviewing Mason

473 Appendix I. A Call for Original Research

473 Appendix J. War Whoops

474 Appendix K. Undated Games (519-530)

479 Appendix L. Six Pollock Endgames

480 Appendix M. Pollock’s Tournament and Match Record

482 Bibliography

485 Index of Pollock Opponents (by Game Number)

488 Index of Historical Annotators (by Game Number)

489 Index of Openings--Traditional Names (by Game Number)

491 Index of Openings--ECO Codes (by Game Number)

493 General Index (to Page Numbers)