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Speed Baduk - Volume 2

GO your own way!

168 Seiten, kartoniert, Reprint, Hebsacker, 1. Auflage 2003

16,50 €
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Baduk has been regarded as the best board game in the East for more than three thousand years. There have been so many strong players but no one has completely mastered this game. This indisputable attraction is the reason why Baduk still exists now and we can share the same feeling with our ancestors.
In the West, Chess has been played for a long time instead. Recently, I heard the Chess world champion lost to the best Computer Chess programme. However, I think Baduk is totally different from Chess. In Baduk it is really difficult for the Computer to beat human players because Baduk is much more complicated and philosophical. Therefore Baduk is really worth challenging.
However, it is not easy to learn Baduk. The board is small but it has depth and its own world inside. The majority of the people who give up in the middle of learning think Baduk is too difficult. Even in Korea, China and Japan, Baduk is still believed to be the most difficult board game, in spite of a lot of good learning materials. I think it is because the materials are not easy to understand and are not well-organized.
As a professional player I have felt sorry for the beginners and learners because of these problems. I have also experienced a lot of problems through the teaching of Baduk to the beginners. Therefore we really need lots of good teaching materials.
This book is quite popular for the beginners and teachers in Korea. It is written in easy language and lots of problems, quizzes and other aspects in this book will give you much fun and interest. I hope this book will help Baduk spread all over the world.

June 2003 Sung-Rae KIM
Weitere Informationen
EAN 9783937499123
Gewicht 500 g
Hersteller Hebsacker
Breite 17 cm
Höhe 24 cm
Medium Buch
Erscheinungsjahr 2003
Autor Sung-Rae Kim
Auflage 1
ISBN-13 978-3-937499-12-3
Seiten 168
Einband kartoniert
006 1. Connection
012 2. Cutting
018 3. Ladder
026 4 Net
032 5.Capturing race
033 5-1 Basic tactics
037 5-2 Fill the outside liberty first
040 5-3 Fill the liberty of the main chain
043 5-4 With which group to fight?
048 6. Snapback
056 7. False Eye
062 8. Life and Death
063 8-1 The four-space life and death
068 8-2 Life and death after capturing
074 9. Living Shape, Dead Shape
080 10.Throw-in
081 10-1 Throw-in for Chokchoksu (Shortage of Liberties)
084 10-2 Throw-in to make a false eye
087 10-3 Throw-in to win a capturing race
092 11. How to capture the key stone(s)?
093 11-1 Capture the stone(s) which can escape first
096 11-2 Capture the key stone(s) first
100 12. Mattbogi (Miai)
101 12-1 Mattbogi in connection
104 12-2 Mattbogi in life and death
110 13. Strong shape, Weak shape
116 14. Good Shape, Bad Shape
123 15. Sunsu, Husu
130 16. Savable Stones, Unsavable Stones
136 17. Territory
144 18. Size
150 19. Endgame
162 Final Test
163 Final Test (section 1)
167 Final Test (section 2)
171 Final Test (section 3)
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