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Everyone's First Chess Workbook

Fundamental Tactics and Checkmates

344 Seiten, kartoniert, New in Chess, 1. Auflage 2021

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Working on chess tactics and checkmates will help you win more games. It develops your pattern recognition and your ‘board vision’ – your ability to capitalize on opportunities. This Workbook features a complete set of fundamental tactics, checkmate patterns, exercises, hints, and solutions.

Peter Giannatos selected 738 exercises based on ten years of experience with thousands of pupils at the prize-winning Charlotte Chess Center. All problems are clean, without unnecessary fluff that detracts from their instructive value. The Workbook has ample room for writing down the solutions to the exercises. This is helpful for both students and coaches, who can assign homework from the book without having to worry about being unable to review the solutions. And writing down the correct chess moves will greatly accelerate your learning process.

Everyone’s First Chess Workbook offers you a treasure trove of chess knowledge and more than enough lessons to keep you busy for a year!

Peter Giannatos is the founder and executive director of the Charlotte Chess Center & Scholastic Academy, in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. Peter has been teaching and organizing chess for more than 10 years. As a teenager, he boosted his chess rating from 589 to over 2000 USCF in less than four years. Since then, Peter has achieved both the FIDE Master title and the US Chess National Master title. He now spends most of his time teaching his students the same techniques he used to rapidly improve.

Weitere Informationen
Gewicht 960 g
Hersteller New in Chess
Breite 21,7 cm
Höhe 28 cm
Medium Buch
Erscheinungsjahr 2021
Autor Peter Giannatos
Sprache Englisch
Auflage 1
ISBN-13 9789056919887
Seiten 344
Einband kartoniert

007 Foreword

010 Preface

012 Introduction

023 Part I General Board Visualization

024 Chapter 1) Capturing Free Pieces

032 Chapter 2) Counting Attackers and Defenders

041 Chapter 3) Intro to Defense

049 Chapter 4) Assorted Checkmates in One

075 Part II Introduction to Chess Tactics

076 Chapter 5) Forks

096 Chapter 6) Pins

114 Chapter 7) Skewer

122 Chapter 8) Discovered Attack

130 Chapter 9) Discovered Check and Double Check

141 Chapter 10) Removing the Guard

149 Chapter 11) In-Between Move

157 Chapter 12) Decoy

167 Chapter 13) Overloaded

175 Chapter 14) X-Ray

183 Chapter 15) Interference

191 Chapter 16) Trapping Pieces

199 Chapter 17) Defense/Recognizing Threats

211 Part III Intermediate Checkmates and Combinations

212 Chapter 18) Assorted Checkmates in Two

234 Chapter 19) Themed Checkmate Patterns

275 Chapter 20) Combinations/Setting up Tactics

304 Chapter 21) Finish like the World Champions

321 Part IV Solutions to Exercises