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Winning A Won Game

Go Seigen’s Lecture Volume Two (Y21)

166 Seiten, kartoniert, Yutopian, 1998

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GO - Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Territory through Connection and Influence. Each player seeks to discover the strategy and tactics necessary to acquire the most territory. Ideally each play should pose multiple threats to create or destroy Connection, Life, Influence, and/or Territory.

Go Seigen's Lectures - Volume 2 - Winning a Won Game provides Three Golden Rules with examples of their application in actual games and seven Go Seigen games highlighting Seven Examples of Success. In addition Three Examples of Failure are provided in three other Go Seigen games.

Yesterday, a won game was lost; today, a clear lead was wasted. Is there any secret recipe to keep the lead to the end of the game? Actually, maintaining a lead is easy, if one can keep a cool head and make every play according to positional judgment. On the other hand, trying to claim a quick victory is not easy, even for professionals.

In professional games, one often encounters situations where a game is lost after building up a commanding lead, or a game is won by turning the tables on the opponent. The material presented in this book highlights such cases.

Among the strongest players today, Cho Chikun and Kobayashi Koichi can be considered as the cream of the crop. Both Cho and Kobayashi disclosed that they benefited enormously from studying Go Seigen's some 800 games. From a young age of 10 to 25 Cho had replayed the entire collection of Go Seigen's games three times and is currently on his fourth. Kobayashi also even now, is still inspired by replaying Go Seigen's games after studying his games three times.

Both of these top-notch players recommended that the best way to get strong is to study Go Seigen's collected games. Dear reader, if you would spend time in studying the games in this book, you too can become a far stronger player. Take a valuable lesson from the great Go Seigen on How to Win a Won Game.

Weitere Informationen
Gewicht 212 g
Hersteller Yutopian
Breite 14 cm
Höhe 21,5 cm
Medium Buch
Erscheinungsjahr 1998
Autor Go Seigen
Sprache Englisch
Seiten 166
Einband kartoniert

001 Chapter One - Three Golden Rules

001 Rule One - Avoid Uncertainties When You Have the Lead

007 Rule Two - Seize the Opportunity When It Is Presented

017 Rule Three - Attack the Opponent's Weakness and Deliver the Fatal Blow

026 Chapter Two - Seven Examples of Success

027 Game One - Avoid Battles While Ahead

- versus Miyashita Shuyo 9 Dan

039 Game Two - Grasp the Opportunity And Attack Vigorously

- versus Sakata Eio 9 Dan

052 Game Three - Claim Victory by Invading

- versus Fujisawa Hideyuki 9 Dan

064 Game Four - Counterattack When Your Opponent Tries to Claim Victory

- versus Kudo Norio 8 Dan

075 Game Five - Do Not Back Off Even Slightly in Close Games

- versus Hashimoto Shoji 9 Dan

087 Game Six - Do Not Let Any Opportunity Slip Away

- versus Yamabe Toshiro 9 Dan

098 Game Seven - Use the Splitting Attack

- versus Magari Reiki 9 Dan

112 Chapter Three - Three Examples of Failure

113 Game Eight - A Stupid Mistake That Loses the Game

- versus Fujisawa Hideyuki 9 Dan

123 Game Nine - Another Mistake

- versus Kato Masao 7 Dan

137 Game Ten - A Final Failure

- versus Ohira Shuzo 9 Dan

152 Afterword

153 A Brief Biography of Go Seigen

162 Concepts for Outward Influence

162 Japanese Terms for Go Concepts

165 Index