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Carlsen v Caruana

FIDE World Chess Championship London 2018

Everyman, 1. Auflage 2018

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This match between the number one and number two ranked players in the world is one of the most eagerly-awaited World Championship clashes of recent years. Defending champion Magnus Carlsen first gained the title in 2013 when he beat Viswanathan Anand. He has already successfully defended his title twice, against Anand in 2014 and against Sergey Karjakin in 2016. Carlsen has been the highest ranked player in the world since July 2011.
His challenger, Fabiano Caruana, has been playing brilliantly in the run-up to the championship, registering numerous tournament victories against elite competition. He gained the right to challenge Carlsen thanks to a superb victory in the Berlin Candidates event early in 2018 where he scored 9/14, finishing a point clear of the best players in the world. Prior to the match he has drawn to within three points of the champion on the current ratings (Carlsen is 2835, Caruana 2832). Caruana is the first American since the legendary Bobby Fischer to play a match for the supreme title.
·All match games analysed in great detail.
·Portraits of the protagonists with key games and moments from their careers.
·History of the World Chess Championship.
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EAN 9781781945131
Gewicht 450 g
Hersteller Everyman
Medium Buch
Erscheinungsjahr 2018
Autor Raymond KeeneByron Jacobs
Sprache Englisch
Auflage 1
ISBN-13 9781781945131
005 About the Authors
008 Acknowledgments
009 Foreword by Grandmaster Nigel Short
011 World Chess Comes to London
014 History of the World Chess Championship
034 The Champion and the Challenger
039 The Berlin Candidates 2018
The 2018 World Chess Championship Match
063 Caruana-Carlsen (Game 1)
078 Carlsen-Caruana (Game 2)
085 Caruana-Carlsen (Game 3)
092 Carlsen-Caruana (Game 4)
099 Caruana-Carlsen (Game 5)
109 Carlsen-Caruana (Game 6)
124 Carlsen-Caruana (Game 7)
131 Caruana-Carlsen (Game 8)
140 Carlsen-Caruana (Game 9)
150 Caruana-Carlsen (Game 10)
163 Carlsen-Caruana (Game 11)
173 Caruana-Carlsen (Game 12)
The 2018 World Chess Championship Match, Tie-break
182 Carlsen-Caruana (Play-off Game 1)
192 Caruana-Carlsen (Play-off Game 2)
200 Carlsen-Caruana (Play-off Game 3)
205 Are 12 Games Enough?