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Mastering Positional Sacrifices

A Practical Guide to a Vital Skill in Chess

320 Seiten, kartoniert, New in Chess, 1. Auflage 2020

24,48 €
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Most chess games of beginners and post-beginners are decided by fairly straightforward tactics. Anyone who wants to progress beyond this level and become a strong club player or a candidate master, needs to understand that somewhat mysterious-looking resource, the positional sacrifice.

International Master Merijn van Delft has studied and loved positional sacrifices for as long as he can remember. This non-forcing tool is not just a surprising and highly effective way of creating a decisive advantage during a game. Positional sacrifices are also instruments of superior beauty.

Van Delft has created a unique thematic structure for all types of positional sacrifices. He shows the early historical examples, explains which long-term goals are typical for each fundamental theme and presents lots of instructive modern examples. He then concentrates on those sacrifices that have become standard features of positional play. Solving the exercises he has added will further enhance your skills.

Playing a positional sacrifice will always require courage. Merijn van Delft takes you by the hand and not only teaches the essential technical know-how, he also helps you to recognize the opportunities when to take the plunge. Mastering Positional Sacrifices is bound to become a modern-day classic.

Merijn van Delft is an International Master from the Netherlands. He has been a chess trainer for more than two decades and created instructional material both online and offline.

Weitere Informationen
Gewicht 600 g
Hersteller New in Chess
Breite 17 cm
Höhe 23,5 cm
Medium Buch
Erscheinungsjahr 2020
Autor Merijn van Delft
Sprache Englisch
Auflage 1
ISBN-13 978-90-5691-883-5
Seiten 320
Einband kartoniert

006 Explanation of symbols

007 Introduction

015 Part I Fundamental themes

016 Chapter 1 Piece play

016 1.1 Opening files

024 1.2 Opening closed positions

034 1.3 Opening diagonals

040 Chapter 2 Pawn structure

040 2.1 Perfect pawn centre

049 2.2 Pawn steamroller

059 2.3 Mighty pawn chain

067 Chapter 3 Colour complex

067 3.1 Dark squares

075 3.2 Light squares

084 Chapter 4 Domination

084 4.1 Total domination

093 4.2 Domination in the endgame

103 Part II Typical positional sacrifices

104 Chapter 5 Typical pawn sacrifices

104 5.1 Benko Gambit

112 5.2 Marshall Gambit

122 5.3 Powerplay with white

134 5.4 Counterplay with black

145 Chapter 6 Typical exchange sacrifices

145 6.1 Russian exchange sacrifice

152 6.2 French exchange sacrifice

158 6.3 Sicilian exchange sacrifice

164 6.4 Allowing ...Bxa1

170 6.5 The bishop snatcher

175 6.6 Building a repertoire

183 Part III Testing the limits

184 Chapter 7 Extreme sports

184 7.1 Double exchange sacrifice

198 7.2 Queen sacrifice

210 7.3 Rook sacrifice

221 Chapter 8 Heroes

221 8.1 The mighty knight

226 8.2 Fire on board

231 8.3 Contemporary chess

243 Chapter 9 Superhuman

243 9.1 Man versus machine

246 9.2 AlphaZero

253 9.3 Leela

265 Part IV Training material

266 Chapter 10 Exercises

275 Chapter 11 Solutions to exercises

309 Index of players

313 Bibliography