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Prepare with Chess Strategy

130 Seiten, kartoniert, Mongoose, 1. Auflage 2016

12,95 €
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Do you want to become a better chess player? A more proficient chess teacher? If so, then Dr. Alexey Root's Prepare With Chess Strategy is for you.

Building on the Boy Scouts of America's Chess merit badge pamphlet, Dr. Root uses multiple examples to explain and reinforce the concepts introduced in that pamphlet.

Prepare With Chess Strategy is a step-by-step guide to help beginner to intermediate-level players learn the common elements of chess strategy, such as Force, Space, Time, and Pawn Structure. Scouts and other players can practice chess with the book's exercises and test themselves with its end-of-chapter quizzes. Merit badge counselors, chess coaches, and teachers will find this book a valuable resource for their own lessons and workshops.

Prepare With Chess Strategy to achieve your chess goals!

Alexey Root has a Ph.D. in education from UCLA and is a senior lecturer at The University of Texas at Dallas, teaching education courses that explore the uses of chess. A tournament chess player since age nine, she was the U.S. Women's Champion in 1989.

After the introduction of the Chess merit badge in 2011, Dr. Root became a Boy Scouts of America merit badge counselor. She conducts chess workshops and tournaments at the National Scouting Museum.

Dr. Root's six previous books include Children and Chess: A Guide for Educators (2006) and Thinking With Chess: Teaching Children Ages 5-14 (2012).
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EAN 9781936277698
Gewicht 150 g
Hersteller Mongoose
Breite 13,3 cm
Höhe 20,3 cm
Medium Buch
Erscheinungsjahr 2016
Autor Alexey W. Root
Sprache Englisch
Auflage 1
ISBN-13 978-1-936277-69-8
Seiten 130
Einband kartoniert
009 Chapter 1: Introduction
010 Resources
013 Definitions
015 Exercises
015 Merit Badge Companion
019 Chapter 2: Force
019 Notation
020 Counting Points
024 Attackers and Defenders
028 Material Versus Activity
030 King and Queen Checkmate
033 Quiz
035 Chapter 3: Space
036 Space in the Opening
038 Space in the Endgame
039 Nimzo-Indian Defense
040 Counting Space
043 Space in the Middle Game
045 Quiz
047 Chapter 4: Pawn Structure
047 Pawn Chains
049 Counting Islands
050 Doubled Pawns
052 Passed Pawns
056 Ruy López (Exchange Variation)
062 Quiz
063 Chapter 5: Time
063 Progressive Chess
064 Scholar’s Mate
065 Counting Time
067 Danish Gambit
068 Grandmaster Time
069 Quiz
071 Chapter 6: King Safety
071 King Safety, Time, and Pawn Structure
072 Direct-Mate Chess Problems
072 Immortal Game
073 Evergreen Game
075 Opera Game
076 Pipe Game
077 Polish Immortal Game
079 Quiz
081 Chapter 7: Exploiting Weaknesses
081 Unprotected Piece
082 Two Attackers, One Defender
083 Overloaded Piece
084 Square Protected by King
085 Quiz
087 Chapter 8: Time (on the clock)
087 Time Management
089 Time Trouble
091 Sportsmanship
093 Quiz
095 Chapter 9: Counselors, Coaches, and Teachers
095 Background
097 Prerequisites and Materials
101 Workshop
104 Tournament
107 Glossary
127 References
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