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Teaching Chess - Step by Step - Book 3


48 Seiten, kartoniert, Russell Enterprises, 2. Auflage 2009, Erstauflage 2006

Aus der Reihe »Teaching Chess - Step by Step«

8,95 €
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The activities in third book in the series are the fun way to reinforce the rules and principles of good chess.

Full color cartoon characters, are combined with pages that the young student can color, all designed to help the student understand the rules, principles and even the etiquette of the game of chess.

The series Teaching Chess, Step by Step consists of 3 volumes:

1. Teacher's Manual

2. Exercises

3. Activities

Together they give you the most thorough and complete curriculum for teaching chess.

From the foreword by Garry Kasparov:

These series of books is the fruit of the combined experience of writers and an editor from the fiels of education and chess. I believe that by exposing the children to the game of chess through the system offered in this manual, we create a wonderful opportunity for providing new stimuli to children studying the program.

This will help them develop positive thinking, support their essential studies, and train them in desired patterns of behaviour for a constructive society.

Igor Khmelnitsky is an International Master and author of the best-selling books Chess Exam and Training Guide and Chess Exam and Training Guide: Tactics.

Michael Khodarkovsky is an experienced chess instructor and executive director of the Kasparov Chess Foundation.

Michael Zadorozny is an experienced chess instructor and author of the best-selling book Learning to Checkmate.

Weitere Informationen
Gewicht 750 g
Hersteller Russell Enterprises
Breite 21,5 cm
Höhe 27,8 cm
Medium Buch
Erscheinungsjahr 2009
Autor Igor KhmelnitskyMichael KhodarkovskyMichael Zadorozny
Reihe Teaching Chess - Step by Step
Sprache Englisch
Auflage 2
ISBN-13 978-1888690705
Jahr der Erstauflage 2006
Seiten 48
Einband kartoniert


04-05 Where Chess Started

06 About Chess

07-11 The Chessboard

12-19 Introducing the Chess Pieces


20-23 The Pawn

24-25 The Knight

26-27 The Bishop

28-29 The Rook

30-31 The Queen

32-35 The King


36-39 Good Manners in Chess

40-42 Hints for Playing Good Chess


43 Chess Symbols

44 Writing Down Moves

45 Chess Clock

46-47 Computers

48 The Chess Team!

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