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The 21st Century Dictionary of Basic Joseki

Volume Two

288 Seiten, kartoniert, Kiseido, 2012

44,95 €
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Every go player will find this brilliant and well-organized survey of all the important joseki patterns in contemporary go an indispensable study tool and reference work. It is a thorough updating and complete rewriting of the Yoshio Ishida Dictionary of Basic Joseki published in the mid-70s. It covers not only the long-established josekis familiar to players of all levels but also the many new variations of old josekis that have been developed in recent decades, inc1uding the first decade of the 21 st century. This, the second of two volumes, covers the star point, and the 5-3,5-4, and 3-3 points. In particular, there has been great innovation in star-pointjosekis in recent decades, so the coverage has been considerably expanded, compared to the Ishida dictionary. Like that work, it thoroughly analyses the various components of josekis, such as tesujis and good style and good shape, and focusses in depth on such themes as securing momentum and building influence. Eachjoseki listed is backed up by numerous diagrams exploring alternative moves and mistakes, to ensure that the reader understands the joseki fully. Consequently, this work is unrivalled

as alueid and comprehensive primer injoseki theory. The author, Shinji Takao, is a top Japanese professional who has held both the Honinbo and Meijin titles. His book retains the variations from its predecessor that are relevant to contemporary play but also gives countless new variations, reflecting the widespread innovations generated by professional go in the Far East in the last three decades.

If there is one book every go player should have in his or her library, this is it.

Weitere Informationen
Gewicht 610 g
Hersteller Kiseido
Breite 18,3 cm
Höhe 25,7 cm
Medium Buch
Erscheinungsjahr 2012
Autor Takao Shinji
Sprache Englisch
ISBN-13 978-4906574421
Seiten 288
Einband kartoniert

v Diagram index

xii Notes

xiii Author's Preface

xiii Translator's Preface

xiv Glossary of go terms

xvi Biography of Takao Shinji

The Star Point

002 Part One: The Small-Knight Approach Move

002 Chapter One: The One-Space Answer

025 Chapter Two: The Small-Knight Answer

034 Chapter Three: The Large-Knight Answer

043 Chapter Four: The Attachment

057 Chapter Five: The Cap

061 Chapter Six: The Diagonal Move

064 Chapter Seven: The Diagonal Attachment

066 Chapter Eight: The Knight's Move Underneath

069 Chapter Nine: The Dangling Extension

070 Chapter Ten: The One-Space Pincer

082 Chapter Eleven: The One-Space High Pincer

086 Chapter Twelve: The Two-Space Pincer

091 Chapter Thirteen: The Two-Space High Pincer

106 Chapter Fourteen: The Three-Space Pincer

118 Chapter Fifteen: The Three-Space High Pincer

137 Chapter Sixteen: Tenuki

146 Part Two: The One-Space High Approach Move

151 Part Three: The Two-Space High Approach Move

154 Part Four: The Large-Knight Approach Move

156 Part Five: Positions with No Approach Moves

156 Chapter One: The One-Space Move

161 Chapter Two: The Small Knight

164 Chapter Three: The Large Knight

167 Chapter Four: Other Formations

The 5-3 Point

171 Part One: The Small-Knight Approach Move

171 Chapter One: The Small-Knight Pressing Move

178 Chapter Two: The Extensions

182 Chapter Three: The One-Space Pincer

191 Chapter Four: The Two-Space Pincer

194 Chapter Five: The Three-Space Pincer

195 Chapter Six: The Large-Knight Pressing Move

197 Chapter Seven: The Taisha: The Simple Patterns

206 Chapter Eight: The Taisha: The Difficult Patterns

220 Part Two: The High Approach Move

220 Chapter One: The Small-Knight Answer

227 Chapter Two: The Diagonal Attachment

229 Chapter Three: The Attachment

238 Chapter Four: The 3-3 Answer

239 Part Three: The 3-3 Invasion

239 Chapter One: The Small-Knight Pressing Move

245 Chapter Two: The Outside Attachment

246 Chapter Three: The Pincers

The 5-4 Point

248 Part One: The Small-Knight Approach Move

248 Chapter One: The Inside Attachment

253 Chapter Two: The Outside Attachment

257 Chapter Three: The Small-Knight Pressing Move

276 Chapter Four: The Large-Knight Pressing Move

283 Part Two: The 3-3 Invasion

278 Chapter One: The Small-Knight Pressing Move

278 Chapter Two: The Diagonal Attachment

278 Chapter Three: The Diagonal Move

280 Chapter Four: The Attachment

The 3-3 Point

281 Chapter One: The Shoulder Hit

283 Chapter Two: The Large-Knight and Other Approach Moves

287 Index

287 Correction to Volume One

288 Contents of Volume One

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