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The Go Companion

Go in History and Culture

297 Seiten, kartoniert, Slate & Shell, 1. Auflage 2009.

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John Fairbairn, author of 'The Go Companion', has been studying and commenting on the world of go for years. The 34 articles that comprise this book touch on a wide assortment of topics, from game commentaries, narratives of special events, and stories of historical figures in go, to discussions of unusual moves as well as trends in opening theory. For instance, are you aware of the pro game where Black started on the 3-2 point? Some material has never been published in English before, such as details of the ‘Atomic Bomb’ Game. 'The Go Companion' also includes the first accurate translation of the famous go scenes in The Tale of Genji, and a fascinating attempt to explain Go Seigen’s ideas about the game.

Sprache Englisch
Autor Fairbairn, John
Hall, T. Mark
Verlag Slate & Shell
Auflage 1.
Medium Buch
Gewicht 490 g
Breite 15,3 cm
Höhe 22,5 cm
Seiten 297
ISBN-10 1932001433
ISBN-13 9781932001433
Erscheinungsjahr 2009
Einband kartoniert

001 Preface

005 Opening Novelties

009 Karigane Junichi: The Gentle Samurai

017 The Fighting Chinese Fuseki

023 The History of Komi

031 45th Judan, Game 2

045 Gokyo Seimyo

051 The Other Chinese Classics

063 Take Me Out to the Go Game

069 Go Goes to Hollywood

071 Go Variants

075 Chang Hao Imports a New Move from Korea

079 The Korean Fuseki

085 The Power of Words

093 The Mystic Emperor: Go Seigen

103 Jowa vs. Chitoku

109 Wang Xi's Novel Strategies to Handle Orphan Groups

113 The First Professionals in Japan

123 Go in Wartime Japan

147 Opening Theory Simplified for Advanced Players

157 Korea's First World Champion

163 Sunjang Baduk Still Has Lessons for Today

169 Are the Joseki Books Wrong?

175 Celebration of Long Life

179 Shuei: The Master Teacher

189 Honinbo Sansa: Fibs, Frauds, and Fallacies

205 World Amateur Go Championship 2006

223 Fingertip Go Making Steady Progress

229 The Astounding Bao Yun

235 Genji: A Tale Where Go Shines Through

253 Catalyst for Change

257 Sexy Sekis

259 Life and Death in Old Korea

261 Of Praise and Prefaces

277 Now for Something Completely Different

287 Index

The Go Companion