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The Immortal Games of Capablanca

21st Century Edition

256 Seiten, kartoniert, Russell Enterprises, 1. Auflage 2022

24,95 €
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Another Reinfeld Classic

We are pleased to release another book in the Fred Reinfeld Chess Classics series. The Immortal Games of Capablanca was and continues to be one of Reinfeld’s most popular books. A detailed biography of the third world chess champion introduces the 113 games. They are presented chronologically, with clear and instructive annotations.

This 21st century edition has been revised and reformatted to meet the expectations of the modern chessplayer. This includes:

(a) The original English descriptive notation has been converted to modern figurine algebraic notation;
(b) Over 200(!) diagrams have added, along with more than a dozen archival photos; and
(c) The Index of Openings now has ECO codes.

Reinfeld’s annotations were also cross-checked by Stockfish 14, one of the most powerful engines available. When Stockfish had a different, meaningful evaluation from that of Reinfeld’s, the engine’s suggestion is indicated by ”S14:“ followed by the specific line.

As in our other ”21st Century Editions,“ and with the exception of the occasional supplement by Stockfish, Reinfeld’s original text has been preserved.

Follow the life and games of the brilliant Cuban world champion in Reinfelds’s timeless classic The Immortal Games of Capablanca.
Weitere Informationen
EAN 9781949859461
Gewicht 350 g
Hersteller Russell Enterprises
Breite 15 cm
Höhe 23 cm
Medium Buch
Erscheinungsjahr 2022
Autor Fred Reinfeld
Sprache Englisch
Auflage 1
ISBN-13 9781949859461
Seiten 256
Einband kartoniert
004 From the Publisher
005 Biography
Part I
018 The Boy Prodigy Becomes a Master 1902-1909
Part II
033 Grandmaster 1910-1914
Part III
079 Challenger 1914-1920
Part IV
101 World Champion 1921-1927
Part V
154 Ex-Champion 1927-1942
251 Capablanca’s Match & Tournament Record
254 Index of Openings
256 Index of Players
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