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Western Chess in British India

(1825 - 1947)

168 Seiten, kartoniert, The Chess Player, 1. Auflage 2011

28,50 €
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Over recent years, the standard of Western Chess played in the Third World has improved enormously with India at the forefront. India is now one of the world's strongest chess nations and the strength in depth of its players is still increasing.

And yet almost nothing is known of the origins of Western Chess on the sub­continent. What few books on chess were published in India are now almost impossible to find and knowledge of what was played in the years before independence scarcely survives. The author has made a life-long study of Western Chess in India and here he presents the current knowledge on matches and tournaments up to 1947, together with a collection of all known games from the period 1825-1947.

  • all known games played in India, or by Indian players abroad, except for games by John Cochrane and Sultan Khan (to be published separately)
  • 331 games and pieces of analysis from the earliest known games where the moves were sent by elephant to Indian independence
  • all available information and cross tables of Indian events
  • a pioneering work!

Only 100 numbered copies !

Weitere Informationen
Gewicht 250 g
Hersteller The Chess Player
Breite 14,7 cm
Medium Buch
Erscheinungsjahr 2011
Autor Vijay D. Pandit
Sprache Englisch
Auflage 1
ISBN-10 1 901034 80 X
Seiten 168
Einband kartoniert

003 Foreword

005 Available Cross Tables

006 Rajah Udayar's Magic Knight Tour

007 Chess Player's Chronicle 1843

008 Vachha's Letter to Sapre

009 Lala Kishanlal - an Appreciation

010 Tournaments/Matches in British India

018 Games with some text

165 Ghulam Kassim

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