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World Champion Chess for Juniors

Learn From the Greatest Players Ever

256 Seiten, kartoniert, New in Chess, 1. Auflage 2020

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Grandmaster Joel Benjamin introduces all seventeen World Chess Champions and shows what is important about their style of play and what you can learn from them. He describes both their historical significance and how they inspired his own development as a player.

Benjamin presents the most instructive games of each champion. Magic names such as Kasparov, Capablanca, Alekhine, Botvinnik, Tal, and Karpov, they’re all there, up to current World Champion Magnus Carlsen. How do they open the game? How do they develop their pieces? How do they conduct an attack or defend when necessary? Benjamin explains, in words rather than in chess symbols, what is important for your own improvement.

Two Americans are included in this highly instructive manual, accessible to every post-beginner. Of course the crystal-clear style of Bobby Fischer, the 11th World Champion, guarantees some very memorable lessons. Additionally, Benjamin has included Paul Morphy. The 19th century chess wizard from New Orleans never held an official title, but was clearly the best of the world during his short but dazzling career.

Studying World Champion Chess for Juniors will prove an extremely rewarding experience for ambitious youngsters. Trainers and coaches will find it worthwhile to include the book in their curriculum. The author provides many suggestions for further study.

Joel Benjamin won the US Championship three times and has been a trainer for almost three decades. His book Liquidation on the Chess Board won the Best Book Award of the Chess Journalists of America (CJA), and his most recent book Better Thinking, Better Chess is a world-wide bestseller.

Weitere Informationen
Gewicht 480 g
Hersteller New in Chess
Breite 17 cm
Höhe 23,5 cm
Medium Buch
Erscheinungsjahr 2020
Autor Joel Benjamin
Sprache Englisch
Auflage 1
ISBN-13 9789056919191
Seiten 256
Einband kartoniert

007 Introduction

010 Acknowledgments

011 Chapter 1 The greatest showman: Paul Morphy

021 Chapter 2 The scientist: Wilhelm Steinitz

031 Chapter 3 The pragmatist: Emanuel Lasker

043 Chapter 4 The endgame authority: José Raúl Capablanca

055 Chapter 5 The disciplined attacker: Alexander Alekhine

068 Chapter 6 The professional amateur: Machgielis ‘Max’ Euwe

077 Chapter 7 The master of training: Mikhail Botvinnik

090 Chapter 8 The endgame artist: Vasily Smyslov

102 Chapter 9 The magician: Mikhail Tal

116 Chapter 10 The master strategist: Tigran Petrosian

126 Chapter 11 The natural: Boris Spassky

134 Chapter 12 The master of clarity: Robert James ‘Bobby’ Fischer

150 Chapter 13 The master technician: Anatoly Karpov

166 Chapter 14 The master of complications: Garry Kasparov

181 Chapter 15 The strategic tactician: Vladimir Kramnik

193 Chapter 16 The master of the initiative: Veselin Topalov

203 Chapter 17 The lightning attacker: Viswanathan ‘Vishy’ Anand

214 Chapter 18 The master of everything and nothing: Magnus Carlsen

227 Chapter 19 Who’s the best?

229 Chapter 20 Champions checklist

231 Chapter 21 Tactics quiz

237 Chapter 22 Quiz answers

247 Chapter 23 Glossary

252 Explanation of symbols

253 Index of players

255 Index of openings

256 Bibliography