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Increase your Chess

Talent is Overated

183 Seiten, kartoniert, Beyer, 1. Auflage 2018

19,80 €
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With his work, the author primarily addresses amateurs and club players (up to a rating of approx. 2000), who want to improve their level through targeted and effective training. For this purpose he uses an unconventional approach, and a sometimes unusual terminology. The reader is thus presented with an innovative model of thinking which enables him to quickly grasp the material and positional characteristics of a position. A model that aims to make a comprehensive set of rules dispensable and focuses on the essentials, namely on intense exercises of seeing and independent thinking.
On the basis of well-selected exercises, the reader can learn and internalize how to find solutions to key problems such as recognizing patterns and detecting strong moves. With all this, the author gradually progresses from simple beginnings to more difficult and eventually quite demanding content, which requires the reader's thorough cooperation. Those who steadfastly follow him on this path will experience how their own potential in terms of combat power and skill level increases.

Patrick Karcher is a strong amateur and club player, who has risen to the level of a candidate master in a short time thanks to his own training method. The study of his book will also pave the reader's way to a deeper understanding of the game.
Englische Übersetzung des 2016 erschienenen Titels "DWZ Plus"
Weitere Informationen
Gewicht 364 g
Hersteller Beyer
Breite 14,8 cm
Höhe 21 cm
Medium Buch
Erscheinungsjahr 2018
Autor Patrick Karcher
Sprache Englisch
Auflage 1
ISBN-13 978-3959209717
Seiten 183
Einband kartoniert
008 Preface
015 Basic Knowledge for Combat
015 Achieving a maximum of explosive force
018 Move, hit and knock out
020 Training in five combat areas
020 The controller
021 The attacker
021 The defender
022 The blocker
021 The hermit
027 A cup of coffee
029 Walking through walls
032 At the center of emptiness
036 About border controls and border crossers
037 Movement pattern of the cavalry
038 Relations of the infantry
038 Relations of the cavalry
039 Relations of the artillery
041 Trenches
047 The striking power of the army units
048 Memorising fight patterns
053 Deflecting the energy
053 Backfire
054 Taking
054 Counterattack
055 Sacrifice
055 Pinning the attacker
056 Dynamic defence
056 Blocking
057 Defence
057 Withdrawal
058 Un-pinning
059 Warding off nasty discovered attacks
059 The energy finally prevails
061 One billion pieces of wisdom
068 Evaluation of the Position
068 War or peace?
072 Balance of actual energy
072 Fortress or ruin?
076 Snipers in trenches
080 Balance of potential energy
084 Time? - What is time?
057 The Battle Plan
087 Belly, heart and reason decide
089 Push
089 Improving the actual energy
089 Increasing the value of a warrior
094 Decreasing the value of a hostile warrior
095 Transformation by means of a pawn move
099 Transformation by means of an exchange or a sacrifice
103 Improving the balance of potential energy
104 Why is taking possible?
104 The combined attack
110 Double threat
120 Passed pawn
123 Zugzwang
125 Exploiting a time advantage
125 Survey
127 Taking/Exchanging
127 Attacking an unprotected piece
128 Attacking a piece of higher value
129 Threats
136 Hold
137 Prophylaxis
139 Overprotection
140 Changing the king position
144 Hold moves by off-center pawns
145 High Altitude Training Camp
149 Acclimation on 5000 meters
161 Moving forward on 6000 meters
172 Survival on 7000 meters
179 Game History
180 Draw agreed
180 No sufficient material for a mate
181 Threefold repetition
182 Stalemate
183 Winning due to mistakes of the opponent