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The Sicilian Wing Gambit

1.e4 c5 2.b4!

134 Seiten, kartoniert, Beyer, 1. Auflage 2017, original erschienen 2014

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In his book about the Sicilian Wing Gambit (1.e4 c5 2.b4 cxb4 3.a3) Marcus Schmücker takes a closer look at a very interesting opening, which for a long time has been regarded as a daredevil's approach or, at best, as an exotic option to avoid the enormous theoretical material of the Sicilian Defence. As a matter of fact, the idea of this gambit is quite serious. By eliminating Black's c-pawn and ensuring a swift development of his queen side, White wants to obtain positional compensation for the sacrificed pawn.

The author concentrates on the best answer 3 ... d5, which enables Black to prevent his opponent from building a strong center with pawns on e4 and d4. The often ensuing sharp tactical skirmishes in most cases fill white spots on the theoretical rnaps. White has good chances to obtain advantage early on, which can even lead to a quick win if the opponent is completely unprepared.

Of course, it's not to be expected that the Sicilian Wing Gambit will be used more often in GM tournaments from now on. But maybe the book can encourage more main stream players to include this neglected but serious anti-Sicilian weapon in their opening repertoire. Whether the popularity of this gambit will grow depends, however, on its success in practical games.

It's the author's intention to treat all alternatives of the 'standard move' 3 ... d5 in a second volume.
Englische Übersetzung des 2014 erschienenen Titels "Das sizilianische Flügelgambit"
Weitere Informationen
EAN 9783959209700
Gewicht 370 g
Hersteller Beyer
Breite 14,7 cm
Höhe 21 cm
Medium Buch
Erscheinungsjahr 2017
Autor Marcus Schmücker
Sprache Englisch
Auflage 1
ISBN-13 978-3-95920-970-0
Jahr der Originalausgabe 2014
Seiten 134
Einband kartoniert
007 The Structure of this Book
008 The Sicilian Wing Gambit (Introduction)
013 Chapter 1: 4...Nf6
024 Chapter 2: 5.Nf3 Bg4?!
036 Chapter 3: 5.Nf3 e6!?
047 Chapter 4: The Nanu Gambit 6.c4! (Introduction)
050 Chapter 5: 6.c4 Qe4+?!
057 Chapter 6: 6.c4 Qa5!? 7.Bb2 Nc6
064 Chapter 7: 6.c4 Qa5!? 7.Bb2 e4
068 Chapter 8: 6.c4 Qd8!?
083 Chapter 9: 6.c4 Qd6?!
087 Chapter 10: The Nanu Gambit Declined
098 Chapter 11: The Nanu Gambit with 12...Qf4!?
114 Chapter 12: The Nanu Gambit with 12...Nc6
125 Chapter 13: The Nanu Gambit with 12...Kf8
131 Chapter 14: The Accepted Nanu Gambit with 11...Ne7
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