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Magical Endgames

260 Seiten, kartoniert, Beyer, 1. Auflage 2020

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Thanks to the QR codes above the diagrams, you can download the position directly to your smartphone and watch or analyze the game, so that the laborious and error-prone input by hand is no longer necessary.

This book is the last product of the long-term collaboration of the renowned German grandmaster Dr. Karsten Müller and the chess trainer and analyst FM Claus Dieter Meyer (1946-2020), whose heart's desire was to write yet another book on endgames.

The focus is on such 'magical topics' as mate, stalemate, zugzwang and rook endings - especially on examples in which 'magic' and instructive content are linked in a way that many rules of thumb can be illustrated and - what is almost more important - many exceptions to the rules.

"Claus Dieter Meyer and Dr. Karsten Müller take the reader on a fantastic journey - not to the center of the earth or to the stars, but to magical moments in chess endgames.

Join GM Luis Engel's king's march all over the board. Marvel at Magnus Carlsen's elegance in an endgame with opposite-colored bishops. Be amazed by the blackout of a silicon monster against an opponent of its own kind.

In his inimitable way, Claus Dieter Meyer went in search of such examples. Since the beginning of his coaching career, he has been driven by the desire to discover surprising points, by the joy of researching the subtlety of different move orders and the search for a glimmer of hope in seemingly hopeless situations.

The most brilliant studies and exquisite games from world champions appear next to uncut diamonds from lower leagues. What all the examples have in common, however, is the original idea, the brainstorm, sometimes even a cascade of brilliant maneuvers. Collected by Claus Dieter Meyer and put on paper by Dr. Karsten Müller.

This book is highly recommended as a valuable collection of material and entertaining reading for all players, learners and coaches."

(Excerpts from the preface by the junior coach of the German Chess Federation, Bernd Vökler)

Englische Übersetzung von "Magische Endspiele"


Weitere Informationen
Gewicht 340 g
Hersteller Beyer
Breite 14,7 cm
Höhe 21 cm
Medium Buch
Erscheinungsjahr 2020
Autor Claus Dieter MeyerKarsten Müller
Sprache Englisch
Auflage 1
ISBN-13 978-3-95920-987-8
Seiten 260
Einband kartoniert

006 Explanation of Symbols

007 Introduction

008 Preface

009 Chapter 1: Mate

017 Chapter 2: Stalemate

030 Chapter 3: Zugzwang

044 Chapter 4: The correct exchange

052 Chapter 5: Opposite-colored bishops

066 Chapter 6: Rook endings

087 Chapter 7: Knight vs. Bishop

108 Chapter 8: Rook vs. Knight

120 Chapter 9: Pawn endings

133 Chapter 10: Personal obituary for C. D. Meyer

144 Chapter 11: Exercises

152 Chapter 12: Solutions

164 Index of sources

165 Index of players

169 About the authors